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Video: Translate and Speak

ImTranslator Translate & Speak is a natural sounding text-to-speech service with translation capabilities, that quickly translates text, and reads it aloud with one click of a button.  Translate and Speak service, performs an instant translation from 52 languages  to 10 available voices: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.  The English voice is available in the male and female version.

  • This unique tool is smart enough to detect the language of the text submitted for translation, modify the speed of the voice and even create an audio link  to deliver a voiced message.

To get a translation spoken in the language of your choice follow these instructions.

  • First, enter text for translation in the text window.  You can type it in, copy and paste from any applications or use the virtual keyboard to enter the text in the language not supported by your computer.
  • Next, make sure that the Translate box is checked.  You may choose the language to translate from or do nothing to allow ImTranslator detect the language of the text.
  • Then choose the target language for translate and speak.
  • And finally, press the Translate and Speak button.

If the voice is too fast or too slow for you, you can adjust the speed of the voice using the Speak drop down box.

  • You can replay the text as many times as you like, using the audio player. This gives you the opportunity to practice your listening and speaking skills in your own language, or in a foreign language.

  • The large text is divided into easy to read segments. The pronounced text is synchronously highlighted to give you the option of following the text on the screen.

  • If you want to email a voiced message or embed the audio links to your website, check mark the “Embed” box on the toolbar and press the Translate and Speak and Embed button.
  • Listen to the translation and follow the text on the screen. The translation result is duplicated in the translation window on your right.
  •  Copy the link, if you want to email a voiced message, or embed the audio link to your website.
  • If you want to use the speak function without translation, make sure that the Translate check mark box is OFF.  Then enter text into the text window and choose the Speak language.

Please note that the Speak language must be identical to the language of your text.  It’s not right to read the English text using the Italian voice.

Translate and Speak is a great tool which has many uses. 

It’s an outstanding service for visually impaired people, for those who learn languages, who wish to master pronunciation, or just communicate with friends who speak a language other than yours. You could actually communicate with them in their language at the click of a button!

 You are sure to get hours of enjoyment from this exceptional service!