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We remove language barriers

Video: ImTranslator Free Translation

The Free Translation service provides instant translations of words, phrases and texts between 55 languages, and 2970 language combinations.

  • With this service  you can input text in over 40 languages, check spelling in 8 languages , translate to and from 55 languages, look up words and phrases in a dictionary, convert text into voice in 10 languages, decode unreadable Russian text, print result, and send emails.
  • This Free Translation service places two toolbars with basic editing functions and the languages tools controls: one on the source text window, another one on the translation window.
  • The back translation feature, if checked, translates the target text back to the original language.
  • ImTranslator Free Translation implements auto functions: speller, decoder, transliteration. These functions, if checked, automatically run speller, Russian decoder to quickly perform these functions.
  • After the translation is complete you can Print translation and original texts,  or send it by email.