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Video: Compare Translations

This translation tool compares translations between Google, Microsoft, Babylon Translator and others translation providers.

ImTranslator has been the first and exclusive service which provides translations comparison.

Compare Translators service is very easy to use.
1) Enter text for translation. 
2) Choose the translation direction.
3) Click Translate.

Please note that the online translators support different number of languages: Google covers most of the languages. Therefore, depending on the selected language direction, the translations comparison may show different results.

ImTranslator hides the brands and randomizes the positions of the results until you choose the best translation in your opinion by clicking “I Like this” button.

So, compare translations, make your choice, and click I LIKE THIS button to see the winner.

To check the quality of translation, use Back translation. This unique feature reverses the translation back to the original language. 
By comparing the back translation to the source text, you can see how close the translation is to its original. 

ImTranslator integrates the language detection module. If you don't know the language of the original text, mark the "auto detect” checkbox, and ImTranslator identifies the language for you.

You can listen to the original text or its translation by clicking on the speaker button.
Listen to the voice and follow the text on the screen. The pronounced text segments are synchronously highlighted for easy following. Use the player to replay the voice as many times as you wish. 
This is a great way to practice pronunciation or your speaking skills, master a foreign language, or simply listen to the text.

The Comparison service includes many useful language tools: virtual keyboard, spell-checker, dictionary, Russian decoder and others. You can also print the translation and send it by email.

We encourage you to use the Compare Translations service to get more accurate translation results, to practice your language skills, or to just have fun.

You can bookmark this page with chosen language settings. So, next time when you open the page to translate, the languages you have selected will be immediately available.

If you wish to use ImTranslator in your favorite browser, you can download ImTranslator extension from Chrome Web Store or Mozilla add-ons website.
We hope that you’ll find this one of a kind service very useful and enjoyable!