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Google Translate Options

Google Translate Options provide a perfect way to customize this translation application.

Google Translate Options are accessible from :

  • Firefox Tools menu, then ImTranslator, then ImTranslator Options, then Google Translate tab
  • ImTranslator button on the toolbar, then ImTranslator Options, then Google Translate tab
  • right-click context menu ImTranslator Tools, then ImTranslator Options, then Google Translate tab
  • the hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+O), then Google Translate tab
  • browser's Tools, then Add-ons, Extensions, ImTranslator, Options, then Google Translate tab
  • the Options link on Google Translate application


Google Translate Options


Google Translate Language Options - choose the source and target languages you will use more often. This selection will be saved and used as default at every start of ImTranslator.

Detect source language automatically - enable the automatic language detection tool, which analyzes the source text and set the correct language from the list.
This is a very useful feature when you don't know the language of the text you need to translate. If you know the language of text to be translated, you can disable the automatic language detection function and set the source language manually.

Back Translation - enable the back translation window, so you can compare the back translation to the original text.

Hotkeys -  use these hotkeys to quickly run Google Translate. Just highlight the text and hold Ctrl+Alt+Z keys.

ImTranslator Button - set your preferred translation application to be run when clicking ImTranslator button on the Firefox add-on bar.