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Translation History

Google Translate features the Translation History tool, which keeps track of all your translation activity in the Translator, Pop-up Bubble , Inline Translator or Web Translation, and stores translation records in the Translation History until you manually delete them.

First, enable the Translation History in the Google Translate Options:  either using the History tab or in each translation application.


After you enabled the Translation History, all of the translations will be recorded and stored along with the source text.

To access Translation History click the History link on each translation tool, or go to Google Translate Options, then Translation History tab.


What you can do with Translation History:

  • expand the translation record if it's over 200 characters
  • split the record by sentences to display sentence-by-sentence translation
  • see the source of the translation
  • search and sort translation records
  • listen to the original or translation (26 languages)
  • export the translation history in .csv format
  • delete records
  • clear all history

The translation records from Translator, Pop-up Bubble, Inline Translation are stored as an original text and its translation.
The translation history from Web Translation is stored as links to the original page and the translated page.

The Translation History can store up to 100 records.

Each translation record is highlighted according to the translation tool being used:

  • rose - Web Translation
  • yellow - Translator
  • blue - Bubble Translator
  • pink - Inline Translator
  • white - Dictionary

Privacy: Your translation history is stored on your hard drive.  It will remain private and confidential.