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Bubble Translator Options

How to access Pop-up Bubble Options
  • right-click  icon_16x16 Google Translate button on the toolbar > Options > Pop-up Bubble panel
  • click the Options link on Pop-up Bubble application
  • use the shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+O > Pop-up Bubble panel



Languages - Customize list of languages for your translation work.

  • Open the Customize languages list.
  • Click Deselect All.
  • Select preferred languages.
  • Click Save options to save your selection.



Set language settings for all translators - by default this checkbox is marked to have your preferred translation direction available in all translation applications.  If you want to have different language settings in different translation applications, remove the checkmark from "Set Language settings for all translators" box and save your changes.

Select source and target language - set the language direction you will be using more often. This selection will be saved and used as default at every start of ImTranslator.

Detect source language automatically - mark this checkbox to let the translator detect the language of the selected text.

Enable Pop-up Bubble - check this box to make the Pop-up Bubble available. When disabled, the Translator's Bubble won't pop-up.

Enable dictionary - mark this checkbox to enable Dictionary to translate single words.

Show Translator's button - mark this checkbox to enable the translation floating button above the text you select to translate.

Pin pop-up bubble - pin the pop-up bubble window to the right side of the webpage to be visible when scrolling the page.

Save recent work - keep the Pop-up Bubble open with latest translation displayed.

Choose font size - change the size of the font (small or large).

Translate with shortcut - set shortcut keys to translate a selected text.

Translate on double-click - mark this checkbox to translate single words on double-click of the mouse.

Enable Translation History - enable the Translation History module to store translation records.

Save options to apply your changes.