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Google Translate v.8.31 for Opera



What's new in this version:

  • Improved the Pop-up Bubble behavior for long scrolling sites.
  • Adjusted the appearance of the Pop-up Bubble button in the entry/search boxes (Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay)
  • Improved the Pop-up Bubble appearance on some specific type of page templates, such as Yahoo News pages or eBay listings.
  • Added new user interface messaging system. 
  • Improved the translation history module. 
  • Enhanced the language detection algorithm. 



Now you can translate long texts on the commercial portals such as eBay, Amazon, or others, without any side effects.
If you translate long text on websites using the Po-up Bubble Translator, you will defintely notice a better Bubble behavior.
HINT for Quick Translation:
Use shortcuts Alt before or after selecting a text on a webpage.

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