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Video: How to use ImTranslator Portal

After logging in to ImTranslator portal, you can do the following:

  • Translate texts, email messages, or just simple phrases and words.
  • Check spelling before translation, or use the auto spell.
  • Check the dictionary to look up alternative translations.
  • Decode unreadable Russian text into the standard Russian encoding.
  • Check out the back translation, to make sure that the translation is understandable.
  • Convert text to voice, and listen to the original or its translation.
  • Print result with or without the original text.
  • Print original, print translation, or print both.
  • Send email with or without the original text.

If you check mark the language options on the right pane, the spell checker, dictionary and decoder will run automatically with the Translate command. The auto detect options, if checked, will identify the language of the original text, and set the correct language, if needed.