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How to Use Translation Comparison

Run Translation Comparison
  • click Translation Comparison icon on the browser's toolbar translation-comparison-icon
  • use the context menu translation-comparison-icon Translation Comparison
  • use the shortcut keys

The application opens ready to translate an input text.



Translate a selected text

Select a text on a webpage and:

  • click Translation Comparison icon translation-comparison-icon on the browser's toolbar
  • open the context menu and choose translation-comparison-icon "Translate selection to & Compare"
  • use the shortcuts Alt+2

The Translation Comparison application opens the selected text and its translation.  The application aligns translators side-by-side to make it easier to compare translations.

By default the extension opens 3 translation windows lining up in alphabetical order.



If some of the providers don't support a chosen language, the number of translation windows may change to two, or the provider may be interchanged to a supported provider.



You can change the View of the application to 2-window or even 1-window mode, if desired.  Use the corresponding icon on the toolbar, or use Options to change the View.


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