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Translation History Options

How to access Translation History Options
  • Firefox Tools menu >, imtranslator-smallImTranslator > imtranslator-options-smallImTranslator Options >Translation History panel
  • ImTranslator button menu imtranslator-small on the toolbar > imtranslator-options-smallImTranslator Options >Translation History panel
  • context menu imtranslator-toolsImTranslator Tools > imtranslator-options-smallImTranslator Options > Translation History panel
  • shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+O > Translation History panel
  • History link on ImTranslator or Pop-up Bubble applications
  • browser's Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > ImTranslator > Options > Translation History panel


To use Translation History you need to enable this tool in ImTranslator Options either using the Translation History panel or in each translation application.


After you enabled the Translation History, all of the translations will be recorded and stored along with the source text.




- Split by sentence / Undo split 
- Expand / Collapse  
- Open source 
- Delete record 
- Listen record 
- Export history 
- Clear all history


The translation records from ImTranslator , Pop-up Bubble or Inline Translation are stored as an original text and its translation.  While the translation history from Webpage Translation is stored as links to the original page and the translated page.

Each translation record is highlighted according to the translation tool being used:

  • rose - Webpage Translation
  • yellow - ImTranslator
  • blue - Pop-up Bubble
  • pink - Inline Translator
  • white - Dictionary

Privacy: Your translation history is stored on your hard drive.  It will remain private and confidential.

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