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Advanced Settings

How to access Advanced Settings
  • Firefox Tools menu > imtranslator-smallImTranslator > imtranslator-options-smallImTranslator Options > Advanced panel
  • ImTranslator buttonimtranslator-small on the toolbar > imtranslator-options-smallImTranslator Options > Advanced panel
  • context menu  imtranslator-toolsImTranslator Tools >  imtranslator-options-smallImTranslator Options > Advanced panel
  • shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+O > Advanced panel
  • browser's Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > ImTranslator > Options > Advanced panel




Window Position on Startup - the position of ImTranslator windows, back translation window and language widgets can be changed.  Use the value between 0 and 700 to define the windows vertical and horizontal positions.

If you feel more comfortable with a different position of ImTranslator or other windows on the screen, change the value of the corresponding item between 0 and 700 to define the new vertical and horizontal positions.  Save options to keep the new settings.

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