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Pop-up Bubble Application

To see dictionary's translations in Pop-up Bubble, highlight a word and:

  • click the floating button imtranslator-small
  • use the context menu imtranslator-small ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS, then Pop-up Bubble
  • hold the corresponding shortcut keys
  • double-click the word without a shortcut key (enable the double-click translation in Options)

The dictionary's translations are provided by the Google (G) service. Other providers, Microsoft (M) and Translator (T), display regular single word translations.



The pop-up Bubble opens the dictionary's translations. 

You will see dictionary results with alternative translations and the grammar information, such a part of speech.  In addition to the translation variants, each dictionary entry  displays a set of reverse translations into the original language, if available.

If you want to see translations in other languages, change the target language in the drop-down menu.

  • If no translation variants have been displayed, then the Google Dictionary doesn't have this entry, or the dictionary doesn't support the selected language.
  • If the dictionary doesn't contain a word you want to explore, this word will be translated by the Google Translate service.
  • If you select more than one word to translate, you will get the regular translation done by Google Translate.

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