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Presentation: Online spellchecker

Online Spellchecker Slide Show Presentation

Online spellchecker offers full-featured high-quality spell-checking tool for accurate input of information. The spell-checking dialog will flag in bold misspelled words and provide a list of suggestions.

The spellchecker includes various options for you to decide how you want to resolve each error that the program finds.

The spellchecker supports 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

In case of a mixed text, you can change the spelling language on-the-fly from the Dictionary Language dropdown box and continue the spell-checking session. The Add to Dictionary option allows you add unknown words to the user dictionary which is stored in cookies on your computer.

The Spelling Options allow you to set spell-checking options that affect the way the spellchecker works.


The Custom dictionary allows you to add new words or delete unwanted words.


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