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ImTranslator, Dictionary, TTS for Opera

ImTranslator Extension for Opera is a web-based translator with a large array...

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Voice Reader Text-to-Speech Software

Voice Reader is the text-to-speech software that converts any text on your...

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Multilingual Phrasebook

Multilingual Phrasebook  is a great multi-language source to improve your...

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Online Translation

Online Translation. Why would you need an online translator? First of all, the...

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Webmasters Tools

Smart Link Corporation created Webmasters Tools - a series of widgets for...

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Text-to-Speech Service

In recent years, Text-to-Speech Service (also known as text to voice) software...

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Online Spell Checker

With globalization as businesses expand to international markets, they must...

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Transliterated Keyboard Layouts

If you need to type in Russian or Ukrainian languages on your computer with...

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