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How to Translate on Mouse Selection

ImTranslator allows you to translate words or texts without pressing shortcut keys, clicking any button. Just selecting a the with the mouse.
This option is available in the Pop-up Bubble application.

To translate on mouse selection:
  • open Pop-up Bubble Options
  • remove the shortcuts from "Translate with shortcut" field (NONE displayed)
  • save options


To translate:

  • select a text with the mouse
  • the translation pops up in the pop-up window

Note: this translation mode is not recommended. It may interfere with other tasks where making text selection with the mouse is implemented.


You can also translate a word on double-click.

Get a quick word translation by using the "Translate on double-click" feature.
Simply double-click on the word you want to see the translation, and the Pop-up window opens with available translations.

To enable this feature go to the Pop-up Bubble Options and check mark the option "Translate on double-click".



Don't forget the Save options to record your changes.



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