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How to Disable Pop-up Button

When you select a text with the mouse, you may notice a small floating button imtranslator-small  next to the selected text.

By default the ImTranslator button is enabled when you highlight the text for translation to bring up the Pop-up Bubble Translator.
But it's impossible to separate different tasks when you select the text.

1. With this in mind, we set the time interval of 3 seconds to "Show Translator's button" in the Pop-up Bubble Options.
After 3 seconds the ImTranslator button is fading.  You can change the time interval to display the button longer or shorter, if desired.



2.  If you wish to disable the ImTranslator floating button, simply clear the checkbox next to the "Show Translator's button" option and Save the new settings.

The ImTranslator button no longer appears when you highlight the text on a webpage.

To bring up the Pop-up Bubble translator, use the context menu or the shortcut (Alt).

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