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Flash Player Testing

08/01/2018  Flash player re-established .  
Provided the option to switch between Flash player and HTML5 player
1) Chrome - flash + player
2) Opera - flash + player
3) Yandex - flash + player
4) Edge - flash + player
5) Firefox - flash
6) IE11 - flash
7) Safari - flash

No more flash detection needed.

12/2017 Status

1) Chrome - Player  running
(Flash can be run if the user clicks on the avatar)

2) Yandex - Alert (flash not detected), then Player running 

3) Opera - Flash alert - no media at all

4) IE 11 - Flash playing

5) MS Edge - Player running

6) Firefox - Flash playing after enabling 

7) Safari - Flash running

TTS functioning (before)

1) Flash + player:  Chrome, Yandex
2) Flash only: Safari, Chrome v.56  (player disabled) 
3) Player only: MS Edge (flash disabled)  - (during testing Edge flash must be ON to check that player is functioning)
4)  Flash + Player with Alert: Firefox, Opera, IE


 Flash Player testing

Adobe Help:

Player works with flash disabled

1. Chrome: no flash -> player working
disable flash: chrome://settings/content > Block sites from running Flash

Starting with Chrome v.56 player cannot be run, only flash, which needs to be enabled.

<смещение регулятора звука сделано для Chrome только (Win 10, Chrome v.55) чтобы убрать d/w icon>

2. Yandex: no flash -> player working
disable flash: browser://settings/content  > Block all sites from running Flash

For Chrome & Yandex when setting "Block sites from running Flash" is selected, and HTML player is playing, we show the message how to enable Flash Player ( Flash not detected. Flash must be enabled to stream the voice with the text segmentation and words highlighting.  Click here to learn how to enable Flash Player)  (03/02/2017)

3. MS Edge: flash/no flash -> player working
Test:  Settings > Advanced > Use Adobe Flash Player > OFF or ON

(flash doesn't play short text, our player buttons don't function, therefore we don't use flash player even if flash is ON)


With Flash disabled, PLAYER DOES NOT work and send alert

1. Firefox :  no flash -> no player -> alert
disable flash:  about:addons > plugins > disable Shockwave Flash (never activate)

2. Opera: no flash -> no player -> alert
disable flash:  opera://settings > Websites > Flash > Block sites from running Flash

3. IE v.7, v.11 :  no flash -> no player -> alert
disable flash: Tools > Manage add-ons > Shockwave Flash Object > Disable

4. Safari : no flash -> no player -> alert
disable flash: Settings > Preferences > Security > Disable plug-ins

when flash is disabled and player not working, show alert:
"Flash not detected. Flash must be installed and enabled to stream the voice. You can install Flash Player from Adobe. If you have installed Flash already, please make sure Flash is enabled.  How to Install and Enable Flash Player for X  "


сайты с плеером "плывут"  - per Vova

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